Nigeria Association of the Blind

  NAB 2013 Fundraising Form Click to download a Copy

Nigeria Association of the Blind
Fundraising form for 2013 Programs & Events
Target : individuals, organizations, members
Process: CSR, grants, individual donations, pledges
Dear Friend/well-wisher,
The Nigeria Association of the Blind (NAB), has produced a strategic action plan to improve the lives of blind and visually impaired people in the various geopolitical areas of Nigeria.  The main aims of the plan include:

  • To equip our members in the Niger Delta with independent daily living skills;
  • To provide computer accessibility training and empowerment for blind and partially sighted persons in North-Central/South-South geo-political Zones of Nigeria;
  • To facilitate Braille literacy Training for members in north-west geopolitical zone;
  • To facilitate Effective  Participation of Blind and Partially Sighted Persons in Governance and Political Processes in Nigeria; etc,

To achieve these, the association aims to raise 168,000,000 Naira through partnership with 14,000 (fourteen thousand) persons who will kindly donate monthly for the next twelve months to meet this target.
Please be our partner in this laudable objective by donating at least 1000 (one thousand) Naira to realize our goals. We trust that your sacrifice of love to our members will be worth every ounce in the lives touched, particularly in the following ways:

  • Blind and visually impaired people will be less a burden on their friends and society;
  • We will see their skills and talents which have lain hidden or dormant, unlocked to the amazement of all;
  • They will be more independent;
  • They will be better able to use their full potential in personal and national development;

We are confident that in our midst lie untapped resources, the sort that have produced visually impaired cultural icons, political powerbrokers, social engineers, eminent scientists and even accomplished sports personalities in other countries. Please complete the attached form and returned same to the association.
Thank you.

David Okon,                                                       Stanley Onyebuchi
National President.                                        National Treasurer.

NAB 2013 STRATEGIC PLAN Click to download a Copy

NAB 3 YEARS STRATEGIC PLAN Click to download a Copy