Nigeria Association of the Blind

Photogragh of the national president, Mr David Okon

Computer Training in Unilag


Photogragh of the national women leader, Ms. Sarah Akinola

NAB Youths from University of Lagos with the National President

  1. AFUB is an organization  that is involved in  piloting of developmental projects, partnering with various groups, societies and associations of Blind and  partially sighted persons around the world.

    The AFUB Youth Empowerment Project (AYEP) is one of such developmental programmes implemented by  the Nigeria Association of the Blind(NAB), funded by Sightsavers and Institutional Development Programme(IDP). it is a three years project i.e., 2012-2014.
    The aim of the project is to create synergies between visually impaired youth and mainstream   youth groups towards improving the inclusion of visually impaired in all aspects of community life. it is based in Lagos  State, Southwest Nigeria and  twenty Blind and Partially sighted students were selected from the University of Lagos.

    A workshop was organized for the take-off of the project which was the first of it's kind in Nigeria. The AYEP programme took-off on THURSDAY, March 8TH 2012 beginning with the Official launch. The  President of NAB Mr. David Okon, gave a welcome address, Introducing the international guests from AFUB, Sightsavers, IDP and the main participants Blind and Partially sighted students from the University of Lagos and the CSOs - 21st century Issue, Development Animation Project and AYECI(C21 DAP AYECI) were also represented.

    The workshop was to enlighten the selected youth on the objectives and the expected outcomes of the project. It gave the participants an opportunity to interact amongst themselves and build the team spirit required for them to work on the project. To foster coordination, a four (4) man committee was elected from amongst the youth. The committee comprised of two males and two females. They were to be responsible and see to the wellbeing of the team

    As part of the activities of the AYEP was a three(3) weeks information communication and technology(ICT)computer training programme for the twenty(20)selected youth. The training improved the youth proficiency in the use of the computer which would enhance their performance. At the end of the training, so as to aid continuous practice of what they had been taught, the participants were presented each with a Samsung Netbook and a JAWS Dongle (Speech Software).

    Further more, recreational activities were organized at the Takwa Bay to improve the social life of the youth, total Grooming, Safety and Health Care talk and a Heart to Heart sessions were held. The retrit to Takwa Bay exposed the youth to new experiences on sea travel, swimming, horse riding etc and all these activities are aimed at grooming the selected youth to enable them compete adequately with the youth in the mainstream.
    It is expected that, at the end of the stipulated three years, most of the youth would have been gainfully employed or fully participating in all aspects of community life.

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